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Importance of Servicing Your Heat Pump

If you have a heat pump/air conditioning system installed in your home or office then you will know how much your rely on it.  If your heat pump system were to fail or to stop working properly then everyone who relies on it will start to suffer.  It is therefore essential to have it regularly serviced and maintained to make sure your air conditioning system works all the time.  These points illustrate why it is important to have a heat pump system regularly maintained and probably set up a heat pump maintenance schedule with a local company.

  • Just like your car or any other piece of electrical equipment, a regular service schedule will ensure the system works correctly all the time.  A service will basically involve coming out and checking to make sure all of the functions and features are working correctly, along with the correct temperature being given out from the indoor unit.  Ensuring the heat pump unit is giving out perfect climate control.
  • If you have an air conditioning maintenance contract then any essential repairs will be carried out at little notice, rather than being pushed behind other peoples maintenance work.
  • A properly serviced heat pump system will be far more efficient as well as more effective.  If the coils on the unit are dirty or there is not enough gas in the system then the unit will be working harder, using more energy and not giving a very good heating or cooling effect in the room.  This will also help to keep your electric bill down, which no one can complain about!
  • Pro-action is always better than re-action, having the unit serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturers specification will make sure the system is constantly working to its full potential.
  • Knowing the heat pump system is working correctly will keep you with the peace of mind that it is working when you need it to, completely avoiding the old ‘boiler breaking down on Christmas day’ situation, if you have a competent engineer regularly servicing the unit then if anything does go wrong with it in between services you will have someone at the end of the phone who will be able to come and fix the problem for you, rather than ending up with a cowboy because of a desperate rush to find someone to fix the heat pump.