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Silent Dehumidifiers

Silent dehumidifiers (desiccant dehumidifiers) are perfect for putting into a space where there is not continual heating, or a home environment, these dehumidifiers work differently to standard compressor dehumidifier, as they heat the air up as it passes through the dehumidifier, meaning that they will work right down to -5.  These are perfect for putting into garages and unheated storeage rooms which need to be kept humidity controlled all year round.

How does the Silent Dehumidifier work?

Inside the silent dehumidifier is a wheel packed with desiccant material, this acts like silica gel (the stuff that comes in boxes of electrical goods to absorb moisture) this spins around collecting moisture from the air, a built in heater element warms this up and the water evaporates, this water then drains away into a collection tank or can be set to continually drain.  Silent dehumidifiers only have one moving part inside them - the fan motor, which makes them as quiet as a dehumidifier can be while still being effective

Best way to use the Desiccant Dehumidifier

Water will flow equally around the air, this will stop water dripping the ceiling in any particular room of the house, so if you put the desiccant dehumidifier in the room where you are having the most damp problems and leave it run for about 24 hours, it will remove the excess moisture from the air, then if you move the silent dehumidifier into a central location the excess humidity around the home will be drawn to a central point, reducing the humidity for the whole house.