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Dehumidifiers are designed to reduce the relative humidity in an occupied space.  Too much humidity can lead to many problems, affecting peoples health, the buildings in which they live in, furniture, paintings, documents and other precious items.

Excess humidity in a room can cause mould and mildew to form on walls and ceilings, making a room very quickly look old and need regularly re-painting.  This mould and mildew is no good for allergy suffers especially people who suffer from quite bad asthma, encouraging dust mite breeding.  The excess moisture in the air can also provoke the synptoms of arthritis sufferers, cause much higher heating bills than expected and even major structural damage to the homes they live in.

A dehumidifier can solve this problem of excess humidity in the room, these simple to use, discrete boxes can be put anywhere in the house and as long as there is a good flow of air throughout the whole house then the moisture will flow towards the dehumidifier creating a much more pleasant atmosphere throughout the whole house.

20-40% of houses across the UK suffer from an excessive humidity problem, this could be caused by poor ventilation in the house or a number of other problems, a dehumidfier can sort this out, and with prices starting at £109  there are very few reasons not to get one if you are suffering from an excessive humidity problem

How Does An Industrial Dehumidifier Work?

The compressor in the system will pump refrigerant round the copper coils in the dehumidifier itself (much like a monobloc air conditioning system) the air is drawn over these copper coils and condenses, this condensed water is then left to continually drain away from the industrial dehumidifier or can be collected in the internal collection tray.  The unit comes supplied with a wall mounting bracket kit or castors to allow for ease of movement, combined with its discreet design this will blend into any industrial area with ease.